English lesson: “Oo” is for “Owl” and… “Owl Pellet”!

English lesson: “Oo” is for “Owl” and… “Owl Pellet”!

English lesson: “Oo” is for “Owl” and… “Owl Pellet”!

Τρίτη, 01 Μαρτίου 2022
@ Α' Τάξη

We learnt a lot about “Owls”; what they look like; where they live; what they eat. We learnt about “Owl Pellets” and how they are formed. Our school ordered a Science Study Pack from the UK and we had “Owl Pellet Day”! We completed our Project Book and learnt what we need to dissect pellets.

Mrs. Emma carefully opened the pellets. We looked carefully inside and saw fur and bones. We examined carefully to see what bones were inside. We tried to find out if they came from a bird, frog, mouse, or even a mole.

It was really interesting and exciting, as you never know what you will find in the pellets. One pelletcontained many small bones and claws, while another one contained 3 jawbones and lots and lots of black fur. Our owl pellet dissection lesson was definitely unforgettable!

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