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Worldwide wonders!

Worldwide wonders!

Worldwide wonders!

Πέμπτη, 06 Απριλίου 2023
@ Α' Τάξη

After having worked through the wonderful world of location and places in our history of art lessons, we decided to look at our planet as a location for the human race and also the wonderful monuments that exist on our planet as reminders of our history, culture and fragility. During our English lessons we discovered and learnt about numerous marvels of our world; where they are located; why they exist; are they natural or man-made? and if they are currently in use or a part of history.

The children have learned to recognise the importance of every continent on our planet and its significance to all of the human race. With a full-sized map of the world in front of us, each child connected a coloured photo to its unique location...

Our future is ahead of us and we all shared our wishes and hopes to one day travel to and see these unique, amazing stunning places!